Meet Matt & Tew Gourley

Meet Matt and Tew Gourley, the owners of the Spicy Pig Cafe, once recently known as the Lunchbox Cafe. Tew, who was born in Thailand, met Matt Gourley and later got married. Shortly after their marriage, Tew and Matt decided they wanted to open their company, The Lunchbox. After renovating an old trailer, Matt and Tew set out to serve food from a food truck at West Chester University campus in 2009. Knowing nearly nothing about cooking, Tew embarked on her journey as the main chef, learning how to cook from past experience, Youtube videos and trial & error along the way. After nearly 5 years at the Lunchbox food truck, Matt and Tew decided they wanted something bigger to serve food. On the corner of South Market Street across from the Chester County Justice Center sits a quaint restaurant known as the Spicy Pig Cafe. Today, the Spicy Pig serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with to-go orders.